When running a business it is often a necessity to focus on the development of areas such as marketing and design and the mundane areas such as bookkeeping can become a neglected role.

We can perform these tasks preparing the basic books of entry on a quarterly, monthly or weekly time period. These processes can then be integrated into either management accounts or annual accounts. The books of entry can either be formal books kept in paper book or software form such as SAGE and Quickbooks or alternatively in a less formal but more adaptable format such as in excel spreadsheets. 

We can arrange a monthly or less often visit to your business premises in order to prepare the books of entry. Books that need to be kept up to date include the cashbook, the sales ledger, the purchases ledger and petty cash balances. Processes such as bank reconciliations and debtor reconciliations if carried out on a regular basis can be a useful way of managing specific problems in a business, such as higher than necessary levels of debtors (the amount owed unpaid by customers).

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